Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny


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General Information

Nevill Hall district general hospital was opened in 1969 and provides inpatient, daycase and outpatient services together with a complete range of investigations. The hospital is a designated major trauma centre with an Accident and Emergency department. At weekends the facilities of the outpatient department are used by local G.P.s for the holding of their surgeries.

There is also a Post Graduate Medical Centre on site which hosts multi-disciplinary training in a range of specialties as well as providing specific teaching for doctors in training. 

The hospital has recently developed a ‘Millennium garden’ which provides both disabled and other visitors to the site with an enjoyable sensory experience. A number of other developments have recently been carried out on the site, including a new coronary care unit, increased clinical facilities in the Outpatients department, a new Medical Records department, and a state-of-the art gamma camera facility.

Nevill Hall is situated on the western outskirts of Abergavenny on Brecon Road on the A40 Brecon road, and is clearly signposted on all incoming road links.

Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny, NP7 7EG

Tel: 01873 732732


Index of wards and departments

Click on the index listing below to locate a specific ward or department on the map.


Ardal Area

Llawr Floor

Damweiniau ac Achoison Brys 5 G Accident & Emergency
Clinig Cyn Geni 13 G Ante Natal Clinic
Awdioleg 3 G Audiology
Profion Gwaed (Gwaedydd) 3 G Blood Tests (Phlebotomy)
Nyrs Gofal y Fron 3 G Breast Care Nurse
Clinig Cartefle (lechyd Rhywiol) 26 G Cartefle Clinic - Sexual Health
UGC Uned Gofal Cardiaidd 12 G Cardiac Care Unit (C.C.U)
Adsefydlue Cardaiadd 3 G Cardiac Rehab
Cardio Anadlu 19 1 Cardio Respiratory
Swyddfa'r Caplan/Capal 6 G Chaplains Office / Chapel
Clinig y Frest 4 G
Chest Clinic
Adran Lechyd Plant 2 G Child Health Department
Canolfan Blant 1 G Childrens Centre
Canolfan Addysg yr Ysgol Glinigol 15 G Clinical School Education Centre
Canolfan Gynadleddau 14 External Conference Centre
Ystafelloedd CT/MRI 22 1 CT / MRI Suite
Ysbyty Dydd 10 G Day Hospital
Llawdriniaeth Dydd 9 G Day Surgery
Dermatoleg 2 G Dermatology
Nys Clefyd y Siwgr 18 1 Diabetic Nurse
Eisteddfa Ryddhau 10 G Discharge Lounge
Clinig DVT 10 G
DVT Clinic
Uned Asesu Argyfwng 11 G Emergency Assessment Unit (E.A.U)
E.C.G 5 G E.C.G
Clinig C.T.G 3 G E.N.T Clinic
Endosgopi 9 G Endoscopy
Ystafelloedd Glan Usk 19 2 Glan Usk Suite
MT Tu Allan i Oriau 2 G GP Out of Hours
Haemotoleg 2 G Haemotology
Clinig INR / DVT 10 G INR Clinic
Uned Therapi Dwys 12 G Intensive Therapy Unit (I.T.U)
Ystafelloedd Llanfoist 18 2 Llanfoist Suite
Ystafelloedd Llanwenarth 9 G Llanwenarth Suite
Mynedfa Mamolaeth/Genedigaeth 13 2 Maternity Admissions / Delivery
Uned Newydd-Anedig 20 1 Neonatal Unit
Meddygaeth Niwclear 21 1 Nuclear Medicine
Lechyd Galwedigaethol 14 External Occupational Health
Therapi Galwedigaethol 3 G Occupational Therapy
Cleifon Allanol 1 3 G Outpatients 1
Cleifon Allanol 2 2 G Outpatients 2
Clinig Offthalmoleg 3 G Ophthalmology Clinic
Llawdriniaeth Geneuol 2 G Oral Surgery
Orthodonteg 2 G Orthodontics
Pediatrig 2 G Paediatrics
Patholeg 7 G Pathology
Fferyllfa 7 G Pharmacy
Podiatreg 3 G Podiatry
Ffisiotherapi 3 G Physiotherapy
Bwyty 16 1 Restaurant
Uned Ddyddiol Rhewmatoleg 10 G Rheumatology Day Unit
Uned Gofal Arbennig Babanod 20 1 Special Care Baby Unit
Therapi Lleferydd 14 External Speech Therapy
Teclynnau Esmwytho Meddygol 3 G Surgical Appliances
Uned Cyn Lawfeddygoll 5 G Surgical Pre Admission Unit
Clinig TIA   10A G TIA Clinic
Ward 02 Y Fenni 17 G Ward 02 Abergavenny (EAU)
Ward 1/2 Gilwern 17 1 Ward 1/2 Gilwern
Ward 2/1 - Mamolaeth Pen y Cwm 22 2 Ward 2/1 - Maternity Pen-y-Cym
Ward 2/3 Plant 24 2
Ward 2/3 Childrens
Ward 2/4 Rhaglan (Stroc Lem) 25 2 Ward 2/4 Raglan (Acute Stroke)
Ward 3/1 Glan Ebbw 22 3 Ward 3/1 Glan Ebbw
Ward 3/2 Usk - Brynbuga - Uned Asesu 21 3 Ward 3/2 Usk - Assessment Unit
Ward 3/2 Brynbuga - Meddygol 21 3 Ward 3/2 Usk - Medical
Ward 3/3 Duffryn 24 3 Ward 3/3 Duffryn
Ward 3/4 Tretower 25 3 Ward 3/4 Tretower
Ward 4/1 Mynwy 22 4 Ward 4/1 Monnow
Ward 4/2 Crughywel 21 4 Ward 4/2 Crickhowell
Ward 4/3 Gwent 24 4 Ward 4/3 Gwent
Ward 4/4 Llanellen 25 4 Ward 4/4 Llanellen
Ystafelloedd Windsor (Oncoleg) 2 G Windsor Suite (Oncology)
Clinig Lechyd Menywod 13 G Womens Health Clinic
Pelydr-X First Floor 6 G X-Ray
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