Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley


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General Information

Russells Hall Hospital, in Pensnett Road, Dudley, is the largest of three hospitals run by the Dudley Group Foundation Trust and the Trust's centre for all inpatient care.

The Trust is proud to serve more than 400,000 people living in Dudley and the surrounding areas. The first hospital trust in the area to be awarded coveted Foundation Trust status in 2008, they provide a wide range of medical, surgical and rehabilitation services. The hospitals are among some of the most technologically advanced in the country, where state-of-the-art equipment and modern, purpose-built buildings combine to create the highest standards of patient care.

Russells Hall Hospital, Pensnett Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 2HQ

Tel: 01384 456111


Index of wards and departments

Click on the index listing below to locate a specific ward or department on the map.

 Department Area Level
A1 East G
A2 East G
A3 East G
A4 West G
Action Heart Centre South G
Admissions Lounge West 1
Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) East G
Antenatal East G
B1 Lifts 10,11 East 1
B2 Lifts 10,11 East 1
B3 Lifts 8,9 East 1
B4 Lifts 4,5 West 1
B5 Lifts 1,2,3 West 1
B6 Lifts 1,2,3 West 1
Bereavement Office West G
Blood Tests East G
C1 Lifts 6,7 East 2
C2 Lifts 8,9 East 2
C3 Lifts 6,7 East 2
C4 Lifts 4,5 West 2
C5 Lifts 1,2,3 West 2
C6 Lifts 1,2,3 West 2
C7 Lifts 1,2,3 West 2
C8 Lifts 4,5 West 2
Cardiology West G
Clinical Education Centre (CEC) South 1
Clinical Resarch Unit North 1
Coronary Care Unit (CCU/PCCU) West G
Critical Care Lifts 6,7 East 1
Day Case Surgery Lifts 4,5 West 1
Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit North G
Dietitians Lifts 4,5 West 2
Discharge Lounge East G
Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) West G
Emergency Department West G
Emergency Department X-Ray West G
General Office West
GI Unit Lifts 4,5 West 1
GU Medicine North 1
Gynae Outpatients Department East G
ICU / SHDU Lifts 6,7 East 1
Imaging (X-Ray) West G
Lung Function West G
Maternity Lifts 10,11 East 2
Maternity Day Assessment Unit East G
Maxillo Facial West G
Medical HDU Lifts 1,2,3 West 2
Medical Photography Lifts 4,5 West 2
Mortuary West G
MRI CT Suite West G
Neonatal Unit Lifts 8,9 East 2
Obstetric Theatres Lifts 10,11 East 2
Operating Theatres Lifts 6,7 East 1
Ophthalmology (Eye Dept) North G
Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic West G
Outpatients West G
Pathology Lifts 1,2,3 West 1
Pharmacy West G
Prayer Centre West G
Pre-Operative Assessment West 1
Radiology (X-Ray) West G
Renal Unit East G
Restaurant East G
Social Workers East G
Staff Health and Wellbeing Office South G
Surgical Assessment Unit
(SAU) Lifts 1,2,3
West 1
Therapy Departments/Blood Tests East G
Undergraduate Centre North 2
Urgent Care Centre (UCC) North G
Vascular Lab North G
Women & Children's Outpatients East G
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