Whiston Hospital, Prescot


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General Information

Whiston Hospital, one of the largest acute hospitals on Merseyside is managed by St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The Trust is one of the top performing NHS trusts in the country. As a teaching hospital, it has well established educational and research relationships with the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University for medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

Over 4,000 members of staff are employed across the organisation and as Lead Employer, on behalf of the Mersey Deanery, it is responsible for an additional 2,000 trainee specialty doctors based in hospitals and GP practice placements throughout Merseyside and Cheshire. Whiston Hospital offers the full range of acute healthcare services along with specialist burns care in the Mersey Regional Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit, serving a population of over four million people across Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, the Isle of Man and other parts of North West England.

Whiston Hospital, Warrington Road, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 5DR

For more information please visit the Trust website or for general enquiries telephone: 0151 426 1600


Index of wards and departments

Click on the index listing below to locate a specific ward or department on the map.

Ground Floor Departments Level Area
Accident & Emergency LG 3
Ambulance Liason 1 11
BEP Clinic 3 5
Bereavement Centre Night ingale
Boardroom Suite 5 9
Burns Dressing Clinic 3 8
Cardio Diagnostic Centre 1 2
Cardio Respiratory (ECG) 1 7
Childrens & Young People's Outpatient Department 2 3
Cold Decontamination 5 6
Delivery Suite 2 4
EBME / Equipment Pool 5 7
Endoscopy Suite 1 8
Executive Offices 5 8
Feto Maternal Assessment Unit (FMAU) 2 8
General Office 1 5
Gynaecology Pre-Operative Clinic 3 4
Holbrook Unit 3 7
Medical Photography 3 10
Mortuary Night ingale
Neurophysiology 1 3
Observation Ward LG 2
Obstetric Ultrasound Dept 2 8
Operating Theatres 4 5
Operational Services 1 10
Outpatients & Blood Tests 1 9
PALS 1 12
Pharmacy 1 4
Prosthetics 3 9
Radiology (X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound) LG 1
Relatives Accomodation 2 6
Relatives Accomodation 3 6
Restaurant 5 10
Shops 1 13
Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) 2 7
The Sanctuary - Spiritual Care 1 6
Therapy Suite 1 14
Ward 1A (Frailty Unit) 1 1A
Ward 1B (Acute Medical Unit) 1 1B
Ward 1C (Acute Medical Unit) 1 1C
Ward 1D (Cardiology) 1 1D
Ward 1E (Coronary Care Unit) 1 1E
Ward 2A (Haemotology & Oncology) 2 2A
Ward 2B (Respiratory) 2 2B
Ward 2C (Respiratory) 2 2C
Ward 2D (General Medicine) 2 2D
Ward 2E (Maternity Ward) 2 2E
Ward 3 ALPHA (Trauma & Orthopaedics) 3 3 ALPHA
Ward 3A (Plastic Surgery) 3 3A
Ward 3B (Trauma & Orthopaedics) 3 3B
Ward 3C (Trauma & Orthopaedics) 3 3C
Ward 3D (Gastroenterology) 3 3D
Ward 3E (Gynaecology Suite) 3 3E
Ward 3F (Children & Young People) 3 3F
Ward 4A (General Surgery) 4 4A
Ward 4B (General Surgery) 4 4B
Ward 4C (General Surgery) 4 4C
Ward 4D (Regional Burns Unit) 4 4D
Ward 4E (Critical Care Unit) 4 4E
Ward 4F (Children & Young People) 4 4F
Ward 5A (Dept of Medicine for Older People) 5 5A
Ward 5B (Dept of Medicine for Older People) 5 5B
Ward 5C (Dept of Medicine for Older People) 5 5C
Ward 5D (Dept of Medicine for Older People) 5 5D
Womens Outpatient Suite 2 8
Womens Theatres 2 5
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