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General Information

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust aims to be the safest organisation in the NHS through providing safe, clean and personal care to every patient, every time.

They are an integrated provider of hospital, community and primary care services, including the University Teaching Hospital. Their team of 6,000 staff provide local services to the City of Salford and specialist services to Greater Manchester and beyond.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust have an excellent track record; having the highest consistent rating for service quality coupled with one of the highest sets of patient and staff satisfaction scores.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Stott Lane, Salford, M6 8HD

Tel: 0161 789 7373



Index of wards and departments

Click on the index listing below to locate a specific ward or department on the map.

Department Building Level
Age UK Hope Building 1
Angiography Turnberg Building 3
Antenatal Clinic Brooke Building 1
Audiology Hope Building 0
Birth Centre (St Mary's) Brooke Building 3
Café - Ground Café Hope Building 1
Café - Ground Restaurant Turnberg Building 0
Café - RVS Ladywell Building 1
Cardiology Hope Building 0
Cardiorespiratory Investigations (ECG) Hope Building 0
Car Park Information Office Hope Building 1
Cashiers/Patient Travel Hope Building 1
Cerebral Function Unit Humphrey Booth Building 1
Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Hope Building 3
Chest Clinic Hope Building 0
Clinical Health Psychology Clinical Sciences Building 3
Clinical Neuropsychology Clinical Sciences Building 3
Clinical Photography Ladywell Building 2
Clinical Research Facility Barnes Building 0
Colposcopy Brooke Building 2
Communications Centre Hope Building 1
Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit (CDIU) Barnes Building 0
CT Scanner (Neuro) Turnberg Building 1
CT Scanner (Body) Ladywell Building 1
Day Case Unit Turnberg Building 1
Decontamination Unit Mayo Building 0
Dental and Maxillofacial Turnberg Building 0
Dermatopharmacology Barnes Building 1
Diabetes Centre Ladywell Building 1
Dialysis Unit Hope Building 1
Dieticians Hope Building 0
Ear, Nose and Throat Hope Building 0
Early Pregnancy Unit Brooke Building 1
Emergency Department (A&E) Hope Building 1
Endoscopy Unit (Gastro Intestinal) Turnberg Building 1
Eye Clinic (Ophthalmic) Turnberg Building 0
Gamma Camera (Radiology 1) Turnberg Building 1
Gastro Intestinal Physiology Turnberg Building 1
GP Out of Hours Hope Building 1
Health and Wellbeing Ladywell Building 3
HR Services/Recruitment Clinical Sciences Building 4
Immunology Turnberg Building 2
Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Centre Hope Building 1
Mortuary Mayo Building 0
MR Scanner (General) Ladywell Building 1
MR Scanner (Neuro) Turnberg Building 1
Nuclear Medicine Turnberg Building 1
Neurophysiology (EEG) Barnes Building 1
Occupational Therapy Irving Building
Orthodontics Turnberg Building 0
Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic Turnberg Building 1
Orthotic Unit Turnberg Building 0
Pain Centre Irving Building 0
PALS (Patient Advice and Liason Service) Hope Building 1
Pam Woods Suite (Bereavement Centre) Hope Building 1
PANDA (Paediatric Observation & Assessment) Hope Building 1
Pathology Turnberg Building 2
Pharmacy In-Patients Irving Building 0
Pharmacy Out-Patients Hope Building 1
Photobiology Barnes Building 0
Phototherapy Brooke Building 4
Physiotherapy Irving Building 0
Podiatry and Foot Health Turnberg Building 0
Pre-Operative Assessment Turnberg Building 0
Radiology 1 (X-Ray) Turnberg Building 1
Radiology 2 (X-Ray) Ladywell Building 1
Rehabilitation Reception/Department Irving Building 0
Retail Outlets Hope Building
Rheumatology Research Barnes Building 0
Security Hope Building 1
Social Workers Ladywell Building 4
Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) Hope Building 0
Surgical Admissions Lounge 1 Turnberg Building
Surgical Admissions Lounge 3 Turnberg Building 3
Thermography Clinical Sciences Building 2
Trust Executive and Mayo Level 3 Offices Mayo Building 3
Ultrasound - General Ladywell Building 1
Ultrasound - Maternity Brooke Building 1
Uniform/Linen Room Mayo Building 0
3.0 Tesla Scanner Irving Building 0

Ward Building Level
Acute Neurology Unit Humphrey Booth Building 0
Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) Humphrey Booth Building 1
B1, B2, B3 Irving Building 1
B4, Trauma Assessment Unit (TAU) Irving Building 1
B5, B6, B7, B8 Irving Building 2
C1 (STU) Humphrey Booth Building 0
C2 Humphrey Booth Building 2
Critical Care Unit (CCU) Hope Building 3
Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) Hope Building 1
Heart Care Unit (HCU) Ladywell Building 1
Haemotology Ward Brooke Building 1
H1 (MHCU) Hope Building 2
H2 Hope Building 2
H3 Hope Building 2
H4 Hope Building 2
H5 Hope Building 2
H6 (SHDU) Hope Building 3
H7 Hope Building 3
H8 (IFU) Hope Building 3
L1 (Planned Investigation Unit) Ladywell Building 1
L2, L3 and L4 Ladywell Building 2
L5 and L6 Ladywell Building 3
L7 and L8 (The Pendleton Suite) Ladywell Building 4
M2 Brooke Building 3
M3 Brooke Building 4
Rehabilitation Ward Irving Building 0

Outpatients Building Level
Main Hope Building 0
Dermatology Irving Building 0
Gynaecology Brooke Building 2
Renal Hope Building
Urology Hope Building 2
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